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Ghanaian lady scams popular Facebook Mallam after he tried to scam her

Miracles they say won't ever end! There is a moving story of a well known interest minister via web-based media who has been defrauded by a Ghanaian woman after he endeavored to play a quick one on her. 

The Facebook Mallam, Naa Tia who has been guaranteeing the master of every single monetary issue and is promising to take care of a wide range of issues for individuals has been misled. 

The woman, Esi Akyen Ntiamoah was drawn closer by Naa Tia in her inbox promising to tackle her monetary necessities. He uncovered he could give her $1000 on the off chance that he sends $100 to her. It's the well known twofold cash he bargains in. 

The woman speculating a trick revealed to him he will contribute $100,000 for $1,000,000. However, to be guaranteed he isn't a trick, she will send $100 to him and expect $1000. That will be a test to demonstrate he is genuine. 

Naa Tia who thought he has gotten a mugu sent the cash to her to get a hotshot. Things pivoted immediately when Esi subsequent to getting the cash revealed to Naa Tia she is no me keen on the arrangement. 

Naa Tia who presently asserts he acquired the cash from the bank has been hassling her and begging her to return $900. 

Peruse the full post from Esi Akyen Ntiamoah 

"Four months prior, a person came into my inbox. He presented himself as Naa Tia, a profound master from Northern Ghana, Tamale. He had some delicious offer me: "I assist individuals with succeeding". 

"How would you do that?" I inquired. "Gracious, it's simple; no penances included, simply send me $1000, and same hour tomorrow, I will send you $10,000:' he replied. I grinned, and said to myself, 'this person is behaving recklessly' 

The visit proceeded, and toward the end, I disclosed to him I could send him $100, 000 for him to make it $1,000,000 for me on condition that I would send him $100 first for him to send me $1,000 to demonstrate his case. 

I sent him the $100 the next day, and inside 48hours, he sent $1000. In the wake of getting the cash, I revealed to him I wasn't going to proceed with the arrangement, and blast!; thunder striked. He compromised me with hellfire and Abbadon, yet I overlooked him. 

Toward the beginning of today he entered my inbox again arguing that I ought to send back his $900 to him in light of the fact that the cash he sent was a credit from a bank. 

Should I send it to him ?

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