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What Is Happening These Days? Another Girl Runs Mad After Being Dropped By A Porsche Car.

It's getting out of control. Seriously, our government has to do something about this because the rate at which our young women are going insane these days is very alarming.

 Every day we see new cases of insanity amongour women suspected of being used in rituals by Yahoo Boys. 

Another video posted online shows the moment another beautiful Nigerian woman goes crazy after a suspected Yahoo guy dumped her and left. In the viral video monitored by Kingsparo News, the young woman immediately showed the black vehicle that was transporting her.

She run mad immediately the car drove off and just continued pointing at the black car.

Some of the people around tried to hold her but to no avail she sped off.

Some passers-by tried to hug her, but to no avail.

 Dear young people, this is not the first video and it may not be the last. Let us have some advice.

This situations are very alarming and need to be addressed before it gets out of hand.

Girls of today be advised to not follow material things and end up in troubles you can't curb.

People have now developed new schemes to make money through different types of rituals so be warned.

It is now becoming a thing people are used to blood money and money rituals.They now use ladies for their blood money.

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