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Fetish priest Ebusuapanyin has been reported missing after the murder of Mankessim.

Mankessim murder: Fetish priest, Ebusuapanyin 'missing' since incident - ReportSeven children were harmed when a pair of key characters in the Mankessim region, where a custom homicide is said to have occurred before this month, disappeared throughout recent weeks.

The two are the area's interest ministers, as well as Mr. Kwesi Gyan, the Abiradze Ebusuapayin, who has a connection to one of the suspects, Nana Clarke.

At a public interview this week, the Head of Akwakrom said the capture and investigation into the activities of the two people "who couldn't be followed since the news broke out," a GNA report of September 29 read.

"We want the police to question his fixation cleric locally, who the Tufohen enjoyed so much and hid before his capture," Nana Akwa argued.

During the public interview, she thought about how the Tufohen dug the pits containing various jugs and dead materials without the information on the Ebusuapanyin.

"Since the capture of the Tufohen, all endeavors to arrive at his Ebusuapanyin, who was consistently local, have not been fruitful. Without the information on the Ebusuapanyin, nobody can recover two pits in two separate rooms in a family house. This is unlimited.

All the more thus, preceding the capture of the Tufohen, his Ebusuapanyin was charged with meeting the boss and elderly folks on some getting teeth local area issues, but he couldn't be found. Also, for what reason is he not noting our calls? "the Boss uncovered."

GNA report on recent police captures and revelations.

Many individuals on Thursday accumulated outside the residence of Christopher Ekow Quansah, the Tufuhen of Mankessim, to get a brief look at him and the so-called minister, Michael Darko, who allegedly killed one Ms. Georgina Asor Botchwey.

A police group had driven the two charged people, who supposedly admitted to the killing of three additional individuals, to the place of the Tufohen, found soon after the Pacific Fuel Station, close to the Mankessim Truck Station for additional examinations.

The group hooted at them in the midst of verbally abusing and giving slander a role, as drivers in rush hour gridlock briefly stopped by to watch the two, who have famously become popular.

A source let the GNA know that the two charged people had admitted to killing three others, a male and two females, and driving the police group on Thursday evening to the different areas.

The observer said the charged people originally took the group to the place of the Tufohen at Mankessim and Akwakrom, close to Mankessim, where they committed their crimes.

The police completely looked through the rooms and took fundamental reports and data for additional examination.

Once more, in Mankessim, the two took the police group to where a male educator was supposedly welcomed by them and was shot and killed immediately, and his toes were cut.

The police were likewise taken to an area in the Ekumfi Region where they allegedly shot and killed a female merchant and covered her under an extension in the Ekumfi Locale.

The group likewise visited an area at Batanya in the Abura-Asebu-Kwamakese Locale, where they purportedly killed a young woman from Kumasi.

The two professed to be travel planners and arranged a trip for her to venture out to Holland.

The two supposedly let the police know that they met the woman at Batanyaa on the Cape Coast-Assin Fosu Interstate and killed her. A school transport mishap happened.

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