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Linda Dor Robbery: What is management doing to protect lives and properties?

Linda Dor Robbery: What is management doing to protect lives and properties?

The famous rest over for pedestrians going from Accra to Kumasi and vice versa has been taken over by criminals as they have started their operations once again. Linda Dor which is on the Accra to Kumasi highway at Bunso Junction near Koforidua is the only resting place for vehicles going outside Accra, and vehicles coming to Accra. They are positioned to take both in and out travellers who want to either ease themselves or feed and rest, and that has been their activities after the establishment was created.

Criminals have started taking control of the establishment as passengers have been robbed on several occasions, and the one which has caught attention is the robbery that took place over the weekends. A bus driver with registration AC-1403-20 was robbed while the passengers went outside to eat and ease themselves. The driver of the bus Emmanuel Owusu was driving from Accra to Yendi when he made a stopover for his passengers to stretch their legs at Linda Dor. They went out and robbers came to their bus and took their valuable items like laptops, cash, phones, jewellery and other great assets of much importance.

They never caught them and the robbers took the items while nobody saw them. They entered the bus while the passengers were out and behaved as passengers and started looting the bus. Management is watching their establishment to be turned into a crime hood, while they can invest in security guards who will patrol the area 24/7 and arrest any unlawful or suspicious persons. If there were 24hours 7days in security patrol at the facility, this robbery won't have taken place. 

Urinal at Linda Dor is even one cedi and yet management is not concerned about the safety of travellers who are paying to use the facility. These criminals who dress like passengers and entering buses when passengers are not around to rob them should be curb immediately to stop the menace.

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