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Ecowas Accused Of Sending a Deligation in Honor of One Man, But Not The Killing of African Citizens

As you have read in the title above, a comment of such nature has resulted from the president of Ghana's update on his facebook page in relation to the current state of events in relation to the coup that has occurred at Guinea recently.

A facebook user in reaction to the post has mentioned the fact that the leaders of the Economic Commission of West African States have sent a delegation to Guinea in respect to the fact that Alpha Conde has been kidnapped and kept in custody by the military of Guinea, but have never sent a delegation in response to the killings of African citizens. . Take a look at the image with the reaction below.

As Wysopera has identified this statement, the thoughts of why such a statement were very difficult to fight. Wysopera has therefore remembered certain comments by some facebook users in relation to the situation at Guinea.

Alex Vhirus, a Facebook user that normally update his Facebook page on political developments posted on the fact that Faure Gnassingbe, the president of Togo, who took over presidency after the demise of his father was also at the Ecowas meeting to impose sanctions on Guinea for their coup attempt.

It can be recalled that there used to be a lot of bloodshed and killings among the people of Togo whenever it is time for elections. A lot of lives have been lost at the hands of the military, but Ecowas took no emergent step as they are doing now.

It is also on record that as Alpha Conde has refused to leave power, a lot of citizens of Guinea lost their lives at the political instability, and a lot of Africans are accusing ECOWAS of taking no emergent action to stop the actions of Alpha Conde at that time.

Now, as the army of Guinea has come in and Alpha Conde is in the custody of the army, ECOWAS has sent a delegation for peace.

Below is an image with pictures of the meeting that has sent the Ecowas leaders on a delegation to Guinea.

It should be put on record that peace is very critical at this moment and we pray that peace should prevail in Guinea.

Is Ecowas only concerned about their individual members or Africans at large?



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