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Sadick Writes: These ritual killings and thirst for quick unexplained wealth didn't start today but.

You have spiritualists on Free to Air Television at Prime time telling your youth how they can make money by not breaking a sweat. How they can call some numbers and come for directions on how to make money without working.

Then you have your area boys move from trekking in February to driving the latest Mercedes-Benz in March. 

These ritual killings and thirst for quick unexplained wealth didn't start today but as nations advance, so the systems are built to terminate these evil practices but we are rather empowering and popularising them.

Get rich quick, by ALL means. Nobody questions wealth. Most parents do not even ask how their children are building mansions and driving different cars each month. The Mosque cares about how much your contribution is and not where it comes from. The church does same. Most of them. It's all by the grace of God. 

Unexplained wealth. Then we all pretend we are shocked when people kill others to make money.

Everyone in the society has been made to believe, without money, and enough money, they're worthless. 

Their wisdom, industriousness, strength, dignity and integrity etc are worthless. 

Money is what everyone is chasing and nothing else matters to our society. Even death scares no one anymore in the quest to amass more and more wealth.

But bottom line is that even most of your leaders don't have the moral right to talk about these ills because they themselves are fully sick of it.

The most interesting thing about our society is how we pretend to be shocked when what we plant start to bear fruit. Very interesting

Credit: Sadick Adams (Facebook)

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