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15 Year Girl In Critical Condition After Teacher Impregnate Her And Tried To Abort For Her – Tamale

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My people, today's news is straight from Tamale, one may ask what is the news about. Kindly take a deep breath and have a look at our article.

We all know that education is the process of socializing people to acquire knowledge and skills in other to live meaningfully in the society. But guess what a headmaster in Tamale has turned the definition wey round and trying to help the children live meaningless in the society.

The issue on ground is that, one headmaster by named, Ibrahim Adams, a.k.a Authentic. This teacher who was posted by the government to go and teach the children, is rather impregnating the children in the school. 

Per a report sited by “Davidographix", the teacher mostly provide the children money for abortion when ever he impregnate one of them. Guess what happened this time, due to security reasons we can't include the name of the school and the young girl in our article. Authentic after impregnating this girl, tried to carry out his normal strategy by luring the girl to give her money for abortion. The teacher tried all his best and went to buy the medicine himself to clear the pregnancy. After giving the medicine to the lady, the lady has been rushed to the hospital since she is suffering from heavy bleeding. Doctors are trying their best to save her life.

As she was receiving treatment, the various questions from the doctors made her open up that, her own teacher was the one who impregnated her and has given her medicine to take in, so as to abort the pregnancy. 

Upon hearing this, the doctor called the girl's parents and asked them to report the case to the nearest police station in Tamale.  

In the course of the breaking news in Tamale, more secret was revealed about teacher Authentic. Some of which are, he has impregnated two ladies who have given birth of which he is not taking care of the girls or his own children properly. He careless about the well being of his young wife's and he still continue to go about using the young girls in the school. 

As I am talking to you now, the youth in Tamale are very disturbed whereas the police are also searching for authentic to arrest him immediately. 

What should be done to this teacher when he is arrested?

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