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Theft robbery

My pastor 'chopped' my 26-years-old sister in front of me yesterday (Fiction)

This is an incident that happened to me, my 26 years old sister, and my pastor yesterday.

There is a little dispute between me and my sister and our pastor called us to settle the issue so that we can live peacefully as a family.

We then went to the pastor's house at a new site around 6:00 pm. When we get there, our pastor welcomed us, and started solving the issue, when it got to 8:30 pm, decided to come back home, immediately we saw thieves invading the pastor's house, we all decided to run, but they gave a warning shot. In fact, we stopped where we were, one of the thieves entered the pastor's room and brought the pastor out of the room.

The thieves requested money and our phones because they taught us we will call the police. One of the thieves says "who is the pastor"? And we all pointed finger at our pastor, they dragged our pastor in front and told him to chop my sister else they will kill him, I started crying and screaming but one gave me a big slap and I fell down.

treatment y said, treatment ent e count of three, if my pastor refuses to chop my sister, they will kill him, I tried to beg but couldn't prevail, and immediately, I saw my pastor taking hold of my sister in front of us, lose himself to start it. My sister prevented the pastor but my pastor said, she should allow him to chop him so that, they will save their lives.

One thief slapped my sister as well, and the pastor loosed himself, loosed my sister and he chopped her in front of me.

Immediately, the arm robbers took our phones away, whiles the pastor couldn't stand for his faith but rather chopped my 26-year-old sister, where she started bleeding and I rushed her to the hospital for treat reported the case to the police this morning in one of the towns in the eastern region.

what should I do to our pastor? please I urgently need your comments. should I proceed to send my pastor to court for chopping my sister?

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