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Man Fights Neighbours And Relatives As They Try To Rescue Him From Electrocuting (Video)

The world seems to now be at a point where people no longer fear dying.

Even the young people do not fear dying that they tend to plan of suicide with any little disappointments they face.

Issues of murder, suicide and accidents for sometime now seems to have claimed many lives just within a short period.

A young energetic man is seen in a viral video trying to end his life by electrocution.

He was seen lying on top of a metallic roofing sheet on top of a building.

 Neighbours and a few people around upon seeing this rushed to the spot to get him off the top of the building but he tried fighting them all as he was bent on killing himself.

In his fight with the people, he was seen trying to bite some electrical wires close to him in order for it to shock him to death but the people around, put in more effort in order not to make his thoughts fruitful.

Strong men climbed on top of the building and succeeded in getting him off the roof.

People normally think they can end all their troubles when they finally die, which in actual fact is not true.

Let us never see suicide to be an option in our pains as when that happens, we leave our loved ones behind grieving and thinking.

When you go through problems that seem to overburden you with several thoughts, speak to a trusted person for a problem shared is half solved.

Let us not wait for our thoughts to lead into planning evil things over our lives.

This individual needs to be counselled to know what actually is wrong with him.

He needs people around him who can get his mind off such thoughts.

Let us protect the little human resources we have left, be each other's keeper so that when someone is going through difficulties, we get to know and provide them with the care they need.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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