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"Stealing Goes Wrong" : Thief Gets Arrested After He Stole A Car But Could Not Drive (Video)

The issue of people getting attacked by robbers is one thing that is now disturbing a lot of people as some robbers now go to the extent of trailing people to the banks and after withdrawing money, they attack them and bolt away with their huge sums of money which are obviously meant for certain important businesses.

Because of this, people no longer feel comfortable whenever they go out with any item that can be an asset or with money on them just because they fear they might lose them to criminals.

You would realize that nowadays, most of the criminal attacks we hear of are ones that happened in broad day light.

In a video that is trending online, you would see the funny but unfortunate incident that happened to a robber after he hurriedly attacked a person and took his car.

In the video, you would see that the man stopped the driver with a gun and asked him out of the car with the intention of driving it away and because the owner was scared, he got out of the car with his arms raised into the skies but unfortunate for him, when he saw behind the steer, he couldn't drive the car.

He tried all he could but to no avail. He therefore got stuck there but because he was determined to move the car, he kept in trying, all to no avail until he was finally surrounded by the police.

You would realize that the thief had no choice than yo surrender himself to be carried away by the police because that was the only option at hand.

This is one thing that looks very interesting. Do you think this car can only be moved with some extra ordinary skills which only the owner has?

If that is the case, then it is a very good development and we think if such cars are made more, It will reduce the rate at which drivers get attacked and robbed.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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