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Thief Surrenders To CCTV After He Realized That He Had Been Caught Stealing (VIDEO)

As an individual, when you pick up something that does not belong to you without returning it, there are consequences. You may be punished by the owner of the item or jailed if caught by law. Many times, a lot of people do not want to get punished so they desist from stealing or doing bad things to other people or things that will harm them in any way.

A CCTV is the one of the main reasons why thieves who steal in Shopping malls and small shops are caught on a daily basis. It is very important to fix one in your shop or supermarket if you want to keep the shop protected and secured.

Even if there is a situation where the thief escapes, the CCTV footage can assist the Police or investigation team to track and trace the thief leading to his or her arrest.

There is a very funny video sighted on the internet which has captured the moment a thief after stealing something from a shop realized that a CCTV is capturing him so in this case, he surrendered himself and placed the item back.

Click on this link below to watch video

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