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80-Years-Old Blind Woman Cries For Help After Her Two Children Abondon Her.

Source; TV3

Living in extreme poverty, Sussana Akua Boahemaa, a visually impaired widow, has been struggling to fend for herself after she lost her sight some years ago.

Boahemaa, an 80-years-old woman lives alone in a dilapidated mudhouse in a community in the Bosomtwe District in the Ashanti Region.

In an interview with her by TV3, She revealed that her husband died 30-years ago and left her with their 7 children. In a period of some years later, 5 out of her 7 children also died leaving only two children. But after she got blinded, her remaining two children abondoned her.

According to Boahemaa, she has been in the mud house alone for five good years. She said when it rains, the water leaks from the roof to the inside of her room. The only way she can sleep when it is raining is to lay on a bench. She added that being blinded, she has no one to feed her, she depends on food donors in a community. She added that, at times it will take her two days before she could get food to eat from her donors.

''I don't have a helper. I'm very sad today. I don't have anyone besides myself. This morning, if someone decides to be kind and gives GHc1 to buy kenkey, I may not eat again if God doesn't intervene,'' says Boahemaa, almost in tears

Boahemaa at the end of the interview pleaded with the support of government and people to help her live a better life before "she dies"

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