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Child Beggars Have Started Scratching Cars Of People Who Refuse Them Alms: Nii Ashley

There are some kids who move around in our big markets demanding for money from pedestrians. Looking at them, you are made to wonder why their parents would allow them to move about every morning, asking people for money. Can't their parents curb this situation by finding jobs?

Facing the reality, their parents sit under shades and wait for them to bring the money they generate from their "hustle" so they share. I have no problem with the lazy attitude of the parents but, with the bad behavior of some of these kid beggars.

I really feel bad for them because, they deserve to live a normal life like other kids but, the fact that they do not live like others doesn't mean they should uphold aggressiveness. Some don't even mind cursing you for not giving them money.

They don't care if they have to soil your white shirt with dirt when you refuse to give them money. These kids can grab your arms as if you owe them. I am supposed to give you money out of my free will so, where from this aggressiveness?

Nii Ashley has spotted the new trend in town and is asking the Ghana Police Service to do something about it before it is too late. He claims these children have started scratching the cars of people who refuse to give them money with stones and sharp objects.

After Ashley posted it, many people came to give confirmation about how they have been victims in such incidences. Never did I know it has really gotten to that point. Why would you make me run at a loss just because I don't have money? Do they know the cost in fixing a scratch?

I am very glad with a statement Ashley made and it goes like, "I hope we don't wait for these beggars to graduate from attacking cars to people". Imagine being slapped by these beggars just because you don't have money to offer them.

The Ghana Police should do something about these kids before this epiphany manifests. The comments under this post goes a long way to tell you that if we do not act now, we will laugh at the wrong side of our mouths in the near future.

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