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Theft robbery

Armed robber busted with fake gun: Guess what he used to make the gun.

It wasn't the best of days for this young man as he allegedly went out to rob people of their hard earned monies.

Monies which has taken hours and even days in sweat only to be taken away under duress in a second.

We do not know the event leading to his arrest or who his target was, but it did not end well with this young man.

To be begin with, he has a swollen mouth and some bruises on his face: instant justice has been served, and the courts will also add to the justice he has received.

Well, we couldn't help but notice the type of gun he used to carry out his operation.

From a closer look, we observed that it was made of a milk can or a similar item with a metallic bar attached to it.

We doubt even if the guns came with triggers and as to whether his gun could actually fire, only time could tell.

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