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Two Boys 10 And 11 Caught In Unusual Act.

A video circulating on social media shows two boys being caught in the act of sodomy by a passerby who saw the kids in action passing by an uncompleted building. The witness then took out his mobile phone and recorded what the boys were doing before alerting them of his presence.The two young boys, 11 and 12 respectively after been caught hurriedly dress as they blame each other for been the cause of what happened when they were quizzed by the passerby.

The video has since generated social media rage with people stressing the need to have comprehensive policies in the country to stop such actions from happening. However, others identified that the addition of sexuality education in the curriculum of school children is a major cause of the rise of homosexual practices among school children in the country and hence the result is what we are seeing.

Because of the disgusting content of the video, it will not be placed here.

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