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So Sad: See The Write-up On Uduak's T-shirt That Has Caused Reactions On Facebook

"The way you dress is the way you are addressed," as the saying goes. This adage is valid to some extent, even though it does not apply in every circumstance. 

Many people interpret anything they see as having a purpose. Of course, we can't blame them because the world has become so chaotic that it's difficult to tell who is who anymore. As a result, people pay close attention to what they see and try to make sense of it. 

This young man from Akwa Ibom State has been dragged by social media users after an inscription on one of his t-shirts was discovered. He is accused of murdering Miss Iniubong Umoren. 

Uduak Frank is seen in one of his pictures wearing an orange t-shirt with the inscription "The mudder Squard." 

What appears to be a simple t-shirt design has sparked a firestorm of debate among Facebook users, especially in light of the recent crime that the young man is accused of committing. 

It's worth noting that the term "mudder" simply means "a racehorse that excels on muddy or wet terrain." People appear to confuse the meaning of the word with the meaning of'murder,' which means a deliberate act of killing someone, due to the current situation and the person involved.

Below are what people say about the write-up.

The inscription on the young man's t-shirt has been interpreted by some as a sign that he is a member of a bad gang. Others believe the article has little to do with the recent crime he is accused of committing.

Read reactions of people below:

Could the cloth serve as a kind of identification for him? What are your thoughts on this? Are you convinced that the scribble on his shirt has something to do with the recent crime he is accused of committing?

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