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More People Are Being Rendered Homeless As The Sea's Tidal Waves Reaches Ada

The number of people who have been affected by the tidal waves of the sea keeps increasing by the day and the sea keeps spreading itself into homes along the coast. The incident began from parts Keta and Anlo in the Volta and has stretched to parts of Ada in the Greater Accra region. It is not that they built their houses by the seaside.

These homes are some kilometres away from the sea but the sea has been able to enter their homes due to the high tidal waves. According to the assembly member of the area Hon Philip Tetteh Sai, the community have been battling the sea's tidal waves for three days now. The sea has taken over the lands in the area and spread into their homes. The high tidal waves have displaced 260 homes and rendered 1500 residents homeless in Ada alone.

The assembly member together with the unit committee has sought classrooms and churches for community members to lay their heads. Hon Tetteh added that most of the people affected by the sea are aged (above 60) and children. This they find very difficult to be moving the old men and women about to get a place for them to lay their heads. He added that things have not been easy for them at all for the past three days.

Residents find it difficult to feed themselves as their food have all been washed away. Many of the community members are fishers and the women smoke fish to sell. But the sea has washed away the equipment they use for their businesses as well as their monies. Children are unable to attend school due to the situation in the area.

The assembly member on behalf of the community members pleaded with the government to provide Sea Defence in the area. He again solicited funds to support members of his community in the difficult moment they find themselves.

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