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Road Accident

Here are the identified causes of road accidents in Ghana

Road accident is most unwanted thing to happen to a road user, though they happen quite often. The most unfortunate thing is that we don't learn from our mistakes on road.

Most of the road users are quite well aware of the general rules and safety measures while using roads but it is only the laxity on part of road users, which cause accidents and crashes. Main cause of accidents and crashes are due to human errors. We are elaborating some of the common behaviour of humans which results in accident.

1.Over Speeding

2.Drunken Driving

3.Distractions to Driver

4.Red Light Jumping

5.Avoiding Safety Gears like Seat belts and Helmets

6.Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking in a wrong manners.

The World Health Organisation estimates that 1.35 million people die as a result of road traffic crashes. Motorcycles as a means of transport are increasingly becoming the preferred and easiest means of transportation for most people in developing countries despite the associated risk.

The prevalence of road traffic crashes at Adidome was 64.0%. Motorcyclists (74.0%) were reported to have been involved in crashes in the past one year prior to the study.

Motorcyclists attributed the last accident to excessive speeding (31.5%) and bad roads (23.3%), this accident as a result of colliding with another motorcycle (50.7%), and slippery surfaces (24.7%).

The majority (63.0%) of the respondents had an accident once. The consumption of alcohol was associated with the occurrence of an accident as 34.2% occurred among cyclists who drank alcohol, compared with 29.8%

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