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Why You Have Never Seen The Edge Of The Rain

Rain is one of the pleasant experience one can feel in this brief life on earth especially when one is in his or her house. It can also be a nusiance to those who are beaten by it. As refreshing and comforting as it is, only a few have been privileged to seen the edge of the rain.

Let me know if you've seen it before in the comment section.

We are all aware that clouds cause rain to occur and it can rain in one place and be shining in another. That's another wonder of nature. Ghanaians count rain has a blessing particularly those who are into agriculture. It plays a very important role.

Back to the what of the title, the edge of the rain. It's actually taken literally. The edge of the rain is just like a wall and at that point the rain falls vertically. Check out the pictures to know how it looks like.

From afar it looks like a shimmering grey haze falling from the sky. It's blanket like appearance can not be ignored. The way you can see the edge of the rain is if the rain is powerful enough such that wind can't blow the raindrops away. When that happens, congratulations you've seen the edge of the rain.

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Edge Of Ghanaians


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