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I Was In The Farm When He Attacked Me, I Begged Him But He Insisted And Ripped Of My Cloth- Lady

I Was In The Farm When He Attacked Me, I Begged Him But He Insisted And Ripped Of My Cloth- Lady


We get really affected by unkindness. It’s natural, that when we face hostile surroundings we cave in, and try to protect ourselves. Then comes anger. Confrontation builds up tension and fury. And what do we have? The desire to return unkindness for unkindness.

In the face of a fight, we may also feel that kindness is hardly a priority. When you are being yelled at you may think that the weakest thing you could do is respond with kindness. It’s no surprise because when someone hurts you maliciously, it can make you feel exploited.

A 18-year-old girl named after Sola shared his terrible encounter with a man in the region, Fulani, who assaulted her. In describing the event Sola could mock many words of pain and tears. Sola shared the sad experience that a Fulani man was blooming on her farm and that when he asked for water she wanted to help.

According to Sola's account, she went to her parent's farm that fatal day. It was a time for harvesting, so she came with her siblings to support her parents. The event happened about 16:00 as they were about to return home after the day's work.

When they were confronted by the Fulanian herder and begged for water, they decided to quit the farm. It was not the first time the aliens asked them for water, she said. She said.

When Sola told him that they greeted him with water, he was very pleased and thanked them. Sola and her brothers and sisters packed, ready to come home, unaware of the evil plans of the Fulani man. Only a little later, the Fulani man returned to demand more water. At that point, Sola became suspicious, but she still gave him water and decided to abandon her siblings at once.

She claimed she was trailing Fulani's herder. When someone unintentionally punched her from behind, they were on their way home. She punched her and tore her clothing before the man could turn around. Her sisters began to yell for assistance. Some people rushed into the village, but before the villagers came, the man flowered and escaped the young child.

Sola is a nightmare whenever she recalls the recollection. She wanted to go to the farm that day. She assured me she was still willing to. The herder was arrested a few weeks later, but Sola told the police station to be taken there afterwards.

the elders in the Fulani Community intervened and they let go of the man. She lost her virginity that she has been keeping for over 18 years just because she wanted to help the man. It is a very bitter and traumatizing experience for Sola. She lives with the memory up till date.

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