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Residents living near the Weija-Kasoa ridge are concerned about landslides.

Residents were terrified and panicked this morning when torrential rains caused section of the Weija-Kasoa Ridge to tumble.

Around 5:00 a.m., residents heard a huge blast from the mountain, after which they observed a section of the mountain slide.

The incident generated a massive traffic bottleneck on the stretch, which left commuters stuck in traffic for many hours before police arrived.

Residents claim there were warning indications, but what transpired on Tuesday morning has horrified them to the point where they are considering migrating.

Over 5,000 people live in the Weija-Kasoa Ridge, which is located on the banks of the Weija Dam in the Ga South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, and are at risk of landslides in the case of severe rain or an earthquake.

Encroachers have been winning sand, while others have been blasting rocks with explosives like dynamites and selling them to contractors, weakening the mountain's base.

Apart from providing a danger to inhabitants, the quarries have shredded the ridge's exquisite geographical scenery.Diggers, excavators, and bulldozers have ripped away tons of sand and rock to supply concrete for potential buyers.

This has resulted in immense environmental degradation, as well as the construction of large tunnels beneath the mountain.

This is estimated to be roughly 40 meters deep, with fissures in the walls indicating that the whole structure could collapse at any time.

This morning, walking through the curving tunnel was terrifying since one could see stones dropping.

A handful of houses have been left hanging on the ridge as a result of the erosion.

The ridge is located in an earthquake-prone zone, and earth tremors have occurred in recent years, creating major concerns about people' safety.


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