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U/W: Residents of Wa Request 6 favors from MCE

Some Residents of Wa Municipality have written to the Wa Municipal Chief Executive demanding for some favors.

Dear Wa Municipal Chief Executive,

Good morning Hon. Tahiru Issahaku Moomin, I came in peace to make a few order because the municipality is under your care and you have a deep control over the daily, weekly,monthly and annual taxes that these constituents pay from their toils.

Kindly Take note.

From Airstrip where the trailer got built to Gongu muni you can't find a single streetlight functional.

From Gongu muni to NBI traffic not a single streetlight is functional including the traffic light itself.

From lawmass to the Bamahu road not a single streetlight is functional.

From the hospital traffic light to blue hills hotel not even a single streetlight.

From hospital gate down to main traffic is off except the one in front of the NPP youth Secretariat office meanwhile the entire chokor road streetlights are on except that of the one in front of SoMnet's office.

From Tendamba park is off down to Moro spot not even a single streetlight.

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