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BUSTED: Alleged "sister nie oo London" MOMO fraudster caught by angry mob

Yesterday welcomed bad news to the camp of a very young and energetic Ghanaian lady who is suspected to be a fraudster. Unfortunately, her name hasn't been disclosed yet but per reports, they claim she is a virtuoso when it comes to using fraudulent means to obtain things from others.

I am sure most of you reading this have encountered these kind of people one or two times. They call you on phone and tell you they mistakenly sent money to your line and so, you should please send it back. Immediately after the call, you see a message on your phone which claims it is really true. Don't be deceived, such messages are never true, they are not from the mobile money offices. Those messages are sent from the fraudsters and hence, if you don't open your eyes, you will think you are sending back their money only to realize at the end of it all that you did the wrong thing.

There is the next set of fraudsters who call you out of nowhere claiming they are overseas and they need to ship some items into the country. It's all cool when listening to them until they ask you to help them pay some fees at the port so they give you a portion of the items which are being shipped. Trust me, they will make you end up being disgraced. This is what this lady over here has been suspected to be doing.

Per reports, she depends on cheating people for survival. Basically, she is a fraud and has seen many people being victims to her cunning nature. There is a saying that "everything for the thief, one day for the master". Well, yesterday was certainly the day for the master. This girl was unfortunate, she was caught and really felt the pressure on the mob.

Why would such a young and energetic girl decide to rely on cheating people just to live. She might justify this with there being no works in the country. Well, the fact that there is no job in the country doesn't make you stealing from people a right thing to do. Did she even take into consideration the people who fell victims to her actions? What has their lives been like after realizing they had been scammed? Did she even realize some people had to go for loans just to send it to her and that they are being dragged to bring back the money? Has she even taken into consideration the probability of people thinking about committing suicide just because they fell victim to her actions and couldn't generate money to pay it back?

Take a look at the face of the guy in red. You see that he is really angry. I am pretty sure that he is one of the victims. Well, to all the youth watching this, please let's make it a point to do what is right. The fact that this woman was lucky to escape death doesn't mean doing same will make you end up like her when caught. Trust me, our fate might never be the same. Let's do what is right so we enjoy a long life on this earth

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