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[Video] See What This Man Did To A Slay Queen While Trying To Separate A Fight

Curvaceous ladies as well as those who are heavily endowed with huge melons and huge backsides keep going viral day in and the out. This is as a result of their unique body features. They most of the time get the attention of many people as their pictures and videos trend on social media platforms.

There is a video that is circulating on social media platforms. This video sees a slim young man attempting to prevent two slay queens from engaging in a serious fight. Whatever might have triggered the near fight is not really known.

While attempting to to make sure these slay queens do not hurt each other, one young man around decided to grab one of the of the ladies and also calm her down. What was noticed is that, the young man ended up fondling the slay queen's huge backside while telling her to calm down.

The other lady kept on teasing the other one while running inside to avoid being eaten.

The video has hence started going viral. You can watch it here. All you need to do is to click on the link below;

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Content created and supplied by: Edoukwah (via Opera News )


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