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They Are Responsible For The Increasingly Rate Of Money Rituals And Killings Among The Youth

The influence of the youth in Ghana to acquire wealth and richies are directly associated with the things they see, hear or listen to. Most of this things they see, hear or listen has a positive relationship with the media house in the country. Most of the rules governing the media house either need to be re-examined or be properly enforced in order to curtailed some of the activities and content produced by these institutions.

By and large the increase rate of money rituals and the various kinds of crimes among the youth has a positive relationship with most of the advertisement made by the media house and radio station. Nowadays, the media houses and the radio station has become a hub for promoting fake prophet, pastors, mallams, ritualist and the so call herbal doctors.

It is time for the nation to stand on it fit to do the needful in order to save the country. It is time for the regulators of the media houses to rise in order to regulate the content of the media and radio station. It time to for those in authority to banned advertisement that are positively directed to money making.

Are are at the stage where money should be compromised for the life's of the innocent that destroyed all in the name of money rituals. If we failed as a country to regulate the content of what the media houses and radio station produced then, we will one wake to realised that our wards are all missing. And at this time no one will be held responsible because we have failed to do the needful at the right time.

Let us not sit down and pretend as if we don't know the causes of increasing rate in cimes among the youth. The truth is that no one from no where will do it for us. It the responsibility of each and one of us to fight for the right thing.

Please if this piece of writing met your demand then please share to everyone on your list to help curtailed the increasing rate of crime in the country. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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