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Mysterious: Mum left unable to sleep after spotting ghostly figure in photo with friends.

After posing for a picture with friends in her block of flats, a mother was left terrified when the party noticed an extra figure in the line up when looking back at the photo.

Rebecca Glassborow claims she's been having trouble sleeping since the group of seven huddled together for a photo while enjoying drinks in October, but the photo appears to show a haunting figure in the room with them.

“It's a picture that sends shivers down your spine – it's really very scary,” the 30-year-old from Coventry said.

“We were like, ‘Oh, what is that?'” says the narrator. ' – it was a little strange. We were all a little startled and looked around the room, as if to wonder, "What could that have been?" ’

“We have no idea what it is; some of us have speculated that it is a woman with long brown hair. It was strange because there was actually nothing around us and it just appeared in pictures.

“My flatmate says, 'Well, you should be more afraid of the living than the dead,' so she lives by that motto, but I live above the flat and it constantly crosses my mind.

“I've been thinking about dark figures being in the flat and coming into the bedroom while I've been in bed – it's been playing on my mind a little bit in that way and has kept me up in the past.

“Since seeing that picture, I've come to believe the building is haunted – it's changed my mind about the flats we live in.”

“We've heard some noises from time to time, and we just assumed it was the neighbors because we live in a block of flats, but we're not sure.

“Now we all laugh about it, and we call her [the figure] Flo because she ‘goes with the flow,'” says the group.

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Coventry Mum Rebecca Glassborow


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