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OPINION: Is There Any Difference between Funerals and Weddings in Ghana?

Loud Music, dancing and dancers swaying to the rhythm of pulsating music. Others also eating and celebrating with loud laughter and merrymaking. A few lie on the ground, intoxicated from the free flow of palm wine and beer. What is the occasion? In most parts of Ghana, these are typical features of a funeral.

Very similar to a wedding occasion with perhaps the only difference being the dominant dress colours. Funeral cost in Ghana likewise has also skyrocketed with even available institutions ready to offer high interest loan packages for conducting of funerals.

At times, the house of deceased is rehabilitated, painted and given a facelift. The deceased of course never benefit from this “new” house. Also what is used for reception is usually anything but moderate. In a typical rural village in Ghana, you can see a poor family losing a loved one and then, that very same household killing two big cows for the funeral reception.

There is a saying in Ghana: “owuo seyi fie” [Households are crushed by death] but it seems to be: “owuo siesie fie” [Households are decorated by death]

What do you also think: Is the any difference between funerals and weddings in Ghana?

Let us know by your comments.

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