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Windscreen Fogging In Rain : What You Can Do

It is very annoying when driving during very light showers of rain and still have to clear your windscreen with a towel every now and then. This we call "windscreen Fogging".

What Causes Windscreen Fogging? 

Windscreen fogging occurs when water vapour or air condenses on the inner surface of the windscreen. This occurs inside the car so clearing the water off with your wiper isnt going to solve this.

It is generated as we breathe in the car while it is raining. Since the air generated inside is hot and the air outside is cold, science tells us the air inside condenses to form water and that water occupies the inner part of the windscreen, filling it with fog. 

That's what Science says. 

To reduce chance of Fogging, use these tricks;

Use A Towel (The Usual Method)

This is very obvious. Get a towel and let your front passenger do the wiping of the fog as you drive. If you're alone in the car, stop when the fog is too much that you cannot see through and wipe your windscreen. Then repeat this cycle till you arrive at your destination or till you're fed up. 

Use The Defog Button

Modern cars comes equipped with inbuilt defogging systems. These are tiny metal plate connected and attached to the edges of the windscreen. When the Defog button is pressed, heat is sent into those metal plates which heats up the windscreen. This method keeps the inside and outside temperatures of the windshield balanced.

Cool Your Car's Interior 

This is a bonus for cars with a working Air Conditioning system (AC). With this method, cold tune your AC to match outside temperatures, this way there wouldn't be room for condensation.

It is better and faster to direct the flow of cold air to the windscreen with the help of the climate control unit.

Give Room For Ventilation 

This tip goes to cars with malfunctioning Air Conditioning System (AC). Open your windows a little to allow cold air from outside enter the car so as to balance temperatures. Specifically, open the side that's parallel to rainfall direction, this case, chance of water entering your car might be reduced. Fogging on windscreen might also be reduced.

A Very Recommended Approach 

This is a bonus to all cars. For safety, park your car if the rain is heavy and you can't see two cars ahead in full. Stop by the roadside with your HAZARD signs on. Rest and wait for the rain to calm down. You can now use the tricks above to drive safely to your destination. 

Simple tips to slow down Fogging when driving 

Thank You 

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