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Road Accident

Video: watch these dangerous overtaking from these drivers

We frequently hear about tragic traffic accidents in our country, and we are often grieved by them. We blame it on bad roads most of the time, but we also blame it on some drivers' dangerous driving habits. When it comes to the irresponsible driving attitudes of some drivers, there have been more discussions and recommendations from the police, government officials, and even the general people. The number of recommendations and essential actions cannot be counted because there are various procedures that drivers are expected to take, but they continue to reject them, resulting in the loss of their lives and the lives of other passengers. 

Overtaking is one of the most dangerous actions that puts drivers in danger. Drivers are sometimes in a rush to get to their destination, to the point where they desire to pass any automobile ahead of them on their journey there.

In the spirit of overtaking, here's a video of a private car and a bus performing dangerous overtaking maneuvers on a busy highway. Both cars were first spotted attempting to pass a vehicle ahead of them, and then the private vehicle attempted to overtake the large bus in the midst of a busy road.

This private car driver was also doing everything he or she could to pass this bus. On the road, you may see that there are other vehicles on the opposite side of the road.

This video was shared in Afia Pokuaa's facebook page with the caption "This is how they KILL themselves with RECKLESS driving and then turn around to blame the devil. Hmmmm" Watch video here.

Some of the comments on this post express their dissatisfaction with the drivers.

Some are saying that the most agonizing aspect of this act is that they will not only die alone, but will also kill innocent people.

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