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Know The Causes Of Gas Explosion And The Remedies To Take.

A gas explosion occurs when there is a gas leak in the presence of a spark or flame. Gases such as natural gas, methane, propane, and butane are the most common types of gases to cause explosions because they are commonly used for heating purposes.

For easy detection, we add a harmless chemical called mercaptan to give gas a distinctive odor.

Most people describe the smell like rotten eggs or hydrogen sulfide-like odor. It smells bad for a good reason - in case of a gas leak! If you smell natural gas, leave the house.

If you detect this unpleasant smell, it is critical to take action immediately. Keep in mind that, if the smell is faint, this is not necessarily a cause for alarm.

It's perfectly normal for a natural gas smell to linger if you are lighting your stove or when the pilot light for one of your appliances goes out.

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