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The reason why there is rise in fraud and killing

The rise in fraud and killing.

 We all know that mother Ghana was a very quite peaceful and a well leaving country.But now there are certain things going on in Ghana that has start making Ghana a bitter place to leave.

 All these fraud and killings are caused by children who have get the chance to access the internet and other people claiming to me Malam and helping agents.

 To be frank,many youth in Ghana are trying to get rich faster because of other rich people they see on the internet.

  Some Television programs must be abolished such as Malam helping people to get money and those claiming to be send and receive a huge amount of money.Government must try his best and abolish all those programs that are causing high rate of killing and fraud in our mother Ghana.And government must provide and assign some security personnel at some places where the fraud and killing are going on enough.

  Mothers should also take good care of their children and let them know some places they are not supposed to go without permission especially mothers in Jason and others near them.

  We will all be happy if the government with his people will help abolish some Television series and that will bring Ghana back to it's normal state.

 please let me know what you also think about this article so that the government will do something within a short period of time.

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