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35 years old man murders his 27 years old wife: See what angry crowd did to him

A 35 years old man has butchered his wife who happens to be 27 years old. Men butchering their wives is a serious issue which demands thorough and serious investigations and concerns respectively. We believe that men are supposed to protect their wives from dangers and many others. This is something we have seen in the past decades and we strongly believe that the strength of man which is no where close to the lesser strength that women have should be used for protection and not the gruesome murders we see on the regular.

Aside this, there have been instances where women have butchered or killed their spouses in another way. This gives a clear indication of the kind of threat posed by both genders towards each other if they, the couple refuse to let understanding work. The central region have witnessed some issues of crime and this involves a higher rate of men murdering their wives. This young man who is alleged to bear the name Kwambena Michael has murdered his wife in cold blood.

He started beating her from their house and chased her out of the compound where they were living. What many people do not understand is how a tenant who happens to witness this didn’t try to help the woman but went outside to calm people who only came later to realize that the young lady was dead. The man had butchered his wife with cutlass for only God knows what the reasons could be. After the angry crowd who were ready to take his life as well arrived, they thought of other alternatives and decided to give him a different form of punishment.

He was tied to a tree and whipped for several minutes and dragged on the floor to the police station. The wife who identifies as Mother is currently at the police mortuary in the central region. According to reports which were gathered from pulse news earlier today as well, it was alleged that the young man refused to escape and we don’t know why he did this. He stayed after he had ended the life of his beautiful wife who he allegedly has two kids with. The police are currently conducting investigations to come to the roots of this story.

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