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Man Wanted For Snatching Wife Of A Chinese Boss After He Failed To Pay Him His Five Months Salary.

I can see that the heading looks so strange for you thinking that how can an African man snatches the wife of a Chinese man simply because he refuses to pay him his 5 solid month’s salary.

How well will you pay back your boss if he refuses to pay you your monthly salary, not just one month but 5 solid months? Well, just maybe you are now planning for a solution, this worker quickly just came up with a suggestion.

This employee knew what exactly he will do as payback to his Chinese boss when he refused to pay his salary.

It is of no secrete that nowadays the Indians and the Chinese are taking over trading markets, even when you come to Ghana, the Chinese are now permitted to do galamsay instead of the main citizens in the country.

This worker found himself in the hands of this Chinese man as his boss. This man as named here happened to be someone who fell at the wrong side of Chinese dealing as his due salary was not given to him when the time was due.

As stated above, the man really had in mind the right type of payback to hand out to the boss.

The issue is said to have drawn the attention of the Zambian police as they are currently on a manhunt for him.

What do you got to say about this? Let’s hear your opinion thank you.

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