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Karma Is Real: This Thief Was Forced To Bring Stolen Items After Being Attacked By Bees.

With the covid-19 situation pandemic, rendering many youth jobless, some have opted for illegal activities as a source of livelihood. Many have ended up in jail, some are also dead and some are also are being attacked by angry mob.

A guy called yaro in the northern part of Ghana. A jobless guy, who has one kid was really in hard time. He used to work in a manufacturing company, but was fired due to his bad attitude and habits.

One day this guy called yaro, went out one evening go on some errands on his way back home, he saw some electrical gadgets like TV set, computer and also some basic household appliances. He walk near to the person’s house, break his door and took out some of the gadgets mention above.

The owner later found out that he was stolen, he Angrily told all the people in his area that, his stolen items must be back peacefully, after three days, the owner visited a native doctor to find out who took his items and punish the person. He narrated everything to the native doctor.

After some few weeks yaro has got swollen due to bees gathered on his hands. He was forced to bring the stolen items back. He brought everything back to the man, and asked forgiveness from the man.

After some months yaro felt okay and advises himself not to steal again.

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