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The Muntari Family: See the lovely statement Hajia said about her son 12 years ago before her death

Sometimes the unexpected happens to us, and we wonder why it came without even giving us any hint.

No matter how far or older we reach in life, we will surely return to where we came from.

It is God's doing that every human being tastes death, but as to when and how it happens remains a mystery and unknown.

This then puts us on our toes to be circumspect in our doings, and keep in mind the essence of doing our Maker's Will at all times so that if he calls us anytime, we will be able to give him a befitting account, and make it to Heaven.

This also means God has a purpose for everyone on this Earth; hence, we need to excellently fulfil that purpose to make Him happy, and to prove to Him that we are indeed His children.

He has granted us the opportunity to marry, procreate and fill the earth. This to me, is a very great privilege, since it gives us the chance to create a family untimely becomes a generational legacy.

Sulley Ali Muntari had the chance to meet two most important people (Alhaji Muniru Muntari and Hajia Kande Muntari) that formed the building blocks and totality of his upbringing as a young man.

Unfortunately, death has sadly taken these lovely people away from him. And I must say that, this is a very heartbreaking moment for the Ghanaian and International football star.

Losing his parents within a period of four years is really really tough, but in all, we need to give Glory to our Maker because he knows best.

Though Hajia Kande Muntari is no longer with us in the physical realm, Ghanaians will never forget one statement she said about her son, Sulley in 2009 on Fox FM, Kumasi, Ghana. 

She emphatically said, "No Sulley, no Black Stars; that is the plain truth, so those peddling those lies should stop."


She went on to say that: "Sulley has not done any wrong to warrant the rampant bashing being meted out to him by soccer fans in the country."

Her bold question is worth remembering: "So is this how Ghanaians are treating Sulley after his selfless services to the Black Stars over the years?"

To me, Madam Kande was more like an activist, and latently, those comments, in the long-run, spearheaded significant changes in the Ghanaian football arena.

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