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Fear grips Breman Asikuma residents as python is found in a room

A few occupants of Breman Asikuma in the Central Region have been tossed into a condition of dread after the revelation of a python in a room with no attempt at being subtle. 

A young lady who is accounted for to have discovered the reptile after a weighty rainstorm in the space Sunday evening raised a caution for help to kill the python. 

Notwithstanding, individuals around including men were reluctant to go close to the python not to mention slaughter it. 

Observers revealed to Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan that it took a gallant lady in the space prevalently known as Yaa Asantewaa to execute the python by hitting its head with a stone. 

The Assemblyman of the Ekumfi Electoral Area, Hon. Evans Okyere Jackson communicated stun over the occurrence saying pythons are found in shrubberies and not homes involved by individuals. 

He added that he'll educate the boss and older folks regarding Breman Asikuma to play out certain customs before they can consume the python.

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