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Ghana Police Releases Video Of How A Murder Suspect Was Brandishing A Pistol Before Robbery

The Ghana Police Service is aimed at ensuring that the security of the citizens in the country is provided. I am very glad that they have raised their game when it comes to ensuring how to get their tasks done. You just don't mess up and think you will go scot-free because this current times has seen them quite sharpened.

They have been made fierce and are ready to face and put any criminal offences in the country to ground. Thanks be to the new Inspector General of Police in the country for putting up measures to help curb the high incident rates of crime.

In the dying hours of yesterday, the Ghana police brought to the notice of people that they had arrested an armed robbery and murder suspect at Adeiso in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

This armed robbery murder suspect was found with some dangerous weapons in hand and after questioning they got to realize that his name is Godstrong Tettey.

Credibility in the sights of the Ghanaian citizens has been upregulated due to the actions the Ghana Police Service has started taking. They just didn't let the news end right there. This morning has seen them come out to give Ghanaians a video in which the dangerous armed robbery and murder suspect was brandishing a pistol even before his arrest.

They have put out this evidence to Ghanaians to make them see that it is just not any fluke but it really happened.

The pictures you see in the article are screenshots I took from the video the police sent but for those of you who do want to see the video, here is the link to the full video.

Looking at his wrist as circled below, you could see a bracelet over there. Many people are making assumptions about this bracelet being "juju"(a spiritual protection) for the suspect. You might engage in juju but when you time is up, nothing is ever going to stop you from being caught.

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