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3 things a glass of charcoal drink can do to your health

Charcoal has been used mostly in African countries as a fire agent, for cooking food. Charcoal has got many diverse benefits to the human body, but most people do not know. Activated charcoal has been healing people from disease and some other infections, and has been used in many parts of Africa for healings.

Taking just a glass of activated charcoal drink will give you these benefits.

1.      Reducing cholesterol levels: It is believed that, taking a glass of activated charcoal drink a day will help reduce cholesterol level.

2.      Prevent hangover: Most people get hangovers when they take in much alcohol. A glass of activated charcoal drink helps as a remedy for hangovers.

3.      Food poisoning: Sometimes the food we may take in get accompanied with some chemicals, which are poisonous and do not help the body. A glass of charcoal drink will trap out all the poisonous chemicals.

Taking a glass of activated charcoal drink will help overcome these 3 health conditions. Share this to help others as well and comment here. 

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