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Man turns a Sprinter Minibus into a full house - Photos

Man turns a Sprinter Minibus into a full house - Photos 

The saying that money stops nonsense, is in deed very true, as it has happened to someone very close to me. Only if you have the right amount, you can stop every bad thing, which has been directed to you. Mr. Ayyano of Ayyano Group of Companies, has used his money to shut the mouth of his wife, Mrs. Ayyano Rita. Mr. Ayyano who is the Chief Executive Office of Ayyano Group, is a man who is into several business operations. He has an electrical distribution warehouses, that distributes electrical appliances, and cables throughout Kumasi and neighbouring cities. He also owns a block factory that deals into selling of wholesale bricks and sand, along side his building and construction firm. 

Mr. Ayyano who has been married for twenty years now, had a series of fights with his wife over their state of living. Mrs. Ayyano has not been feeling the environment, ever since she arrived in Ghana last year October. She has been complaining often, about how guest houses and hotel authorities treats her, when she is making deliveries. Because of the problem facing the world, Mr. Ayyano forced his wife to move to Ghana in October, so she can help him make deliveries. The pandemic was placing so much stress on their company, and as a result, it made them loss so much in profit in September 2020.

Mrs. Ayyano came to Ghana to help her husband expand their deliveries in the northern regions whiles, Mr. Ayyano took charge of the southern and central deliveries. The delivery trucks needs to be followed by someone in other to make sure, their customers get the best. Mrs. Ayyano kept complaining about having to sleep in hotels because of the long journey involved, and missing deadlines for deliveries. Mr. Ayyano took matters in to his own hands, and anytime he went hard on the wife for failing to deliver on time, the wife came along with tiredness and hotel excuses. 

Mr. Ayyano spoke to his contacts at one of the auto show rooms, and they were able to turn a fully made passenger seat Mercedes Benz Sprinter minibus, into a full home with bed and everything. The car which cost over $250,000 to change to its current state, came fully with solar panels, inbuilt lavatory, kitchen, sliding and rolling bedroom and enough space to stretch ones legs. The front seat is for two people, the driver and a passenger. Whiles the back comes fully prepared with a top view stars, a rolling bed which rolls for sleeps and slides to seats. The car also has petrol tanks which makes it possible to run on fuel, when the solar isn't working, or the batteries are low. 

Mr. Ayyano bought this car to keep his wife constantly on the road, for their deliveries to the north, and not skipping deliveries because of tiredness. Whiles the driver is on road, the owner can be preparing home cooked meals, taking their shower, reading a book, watching a television show or taking a nap. The car is in deed a walking mansion on road. Looking at the current exchange rate, the price when converted to cedis, will be around GH¢1.64 million because the dollar rate is 5.84. The car which was delivered this morning, came with additional folding chairs and tents, which can be used outside after parking.

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