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A Woman Recounts How Her Tenants Stayed In Her House For 9 Months Without Paying Rent

A 70 years old woman named Mama Florence shares how she gave her room to her a couple but they don't want to pay the rent. The woman stated that her church member came to plead with her to give one of the rooms in the house she has built to her daughter. The church member again pleaded that her son-law is working at Obuasi, he will come back in three months time and pay the rent to her.

Mama Florence allow the woman's daughter to stay in the house with their four children, three months later, the husband came from where he was working to stay with his wife but didn't bring any money to pay for the rent. Mama Florence asked them when they will give her the money, the man told her that he doesn't have a proper job doing so he pleaded with her to give them some time, they even promised that they will pay all the money as soon as they get money.

Mama Florence said she has been sweeping with the lady since she came to stay in the house. She continued that one day whilst the lady and her husband were not in the house, their children went to play with her wheelbarrow and spoiled it. The woman informed their parents about it and even advised them to train their children well when they came back home.

Instead of them apologising to her they rather insulted her for telling them to train their children well. Mama Florence became angry and told them to pay her rent and move out of her house. The lady gave her a reply, they have built their own house in their hometown but it is because of financial problems that's why they are staying there, she also told her that they will pay it in no time but up to date, but they have not given her the money.

According to the man, what Mama Florence is true, they have stayed in the house for nine months without paying the rent but it is due to a financial crisis, that's why they have not been able to pay the rent. He continued that it is not his children who spoiled the woman's wheelbarrow. He again said he is now willing to pay for all the rent the woman is requesting for

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