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Sad. Captain Smart And Serial Caller "Weeps Uncontrollably" on Live TV.

"Change, when it is denied or too long delayed, violence, breakout here and there. Not that man planned or wield it but their accumulated grievances will erupt with volcano furrow. One day, that eruption will happen".

These were the last statements of Captain Smart as he ended his "Ranting" segment of his show. This statement was triggered by a serial caller who made some sad statements when Captain Smart allowed callers to share their view. The serial caller begun by acknowledging Captain Smart's great effort in building the country. The caller later disclosed that he was saddened by the revelations made by Captain Smart about how Northern politicians had neglected their people and origin and how the government is recklessly spending on Hopeson Adorye' travel for useless purposes. Whiles disclosing this facts, the caller was heard sobbing and wailing in the background. Unable to control himself, Captain Smart joined him.

"Captain Smart, the truth of the matter is that I feel your personality. I am sure you have realized that my voice is low. I am crying over here. I am sad right now. I am feeling pity", the caller explained.

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