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Latest: Dampare’s boys arrest robber who disguised himself as another person to outsmart the police

The latest arrest by the competent police service who are currently headed by their boss, George Akuffo Dampare features one man who has successfully disguised himself as another person in order to execute his evil plans. Even as it stands, there are robbers roaming about in churches not for salvation but to obviously cause starvation among vulnerable members. They rob people of their possessions and make them wander about finding means to survive once again when these robbers could be putting their skills into something even more useful or better.

Dampare’s boys, the police officials are currently doing a tremendous work and we are beginning to see the impact that this man is having on these officers. Hard work should be attained through exemplary skills and it seems the police service are doing just that. They’re trying their best to execute their tasks very well and these robbers are being brought to their knees one after the other. Today, the Ghana police have one man in custody for several robberies and hideous acts.

He tried to outsmart the Ghana police but thanks to the intelligence of the police, he has been seized. He was found in possession of a high quality foreign pistol and an army uniform as well as some other immigration uniforms and this is confusing. The confusing part of this and recent robberies and state of criminals is how they posses army uniforms and are able to carry it around behaving as if they are soldiers themselves. Other items including eleven rounds of ammunition were all discovered on him.

 A thorough search conducted in his room led to the retrieval of one unlicensed foreign pistol BRUNI Mode 92 cal, eleven (11) live 9mm ammunition, a pair of desert boot, some Immigration and Military uniforms. Abdul Kamal is currently cooling off at the police cell awaiting trial. We trust the intelligence of the Ghana police to do their job and at the same time entreat the ordinary Ghanaian to keep his or her eyes wide open since these are the days when most of these predators are scouting for who their next prey is.

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