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Residents In Teiman Mobilise Community Support To Fix Their Roads Without The Government's Assistant

Residents in and around Teiman and Abokobi mobilise community support to help fix their roads. The deplorable roads which have caused a lot of havoc to the people of Teiman have gained a lot of political attention but nothing has been done to fix it.

Although many promises have been made to fix the road, it seems the government has failed to fulfill its promises.

Community leaders in Teiman also tried convincing the government but to no avail. After several attempts to get assistance from the government which failed. The residents have set aside the government of the day to concentrate on what they can do to achieve what they wanted the government to do for them.

In a trending photo that is making a lot of waves on social media, the people of Teiman have decided to contribute to fixing the roads which have been in a deplorable state for years now.

In the photo, some blocks which are believed to be the blocks that will be used for the construction of the road are packed in their quantity. The quantity of the blocks vividly shows that the community is serious about what they intend to do. In the photo also, the community placed a placard with the inscription "FIXING THE ROAD, JOIN THE COMMUNITY EFFORT" on the blocks. This inscription was followed by a mobile money number. See the photo below.

This photo has gained a lot of reaction from netizens who believe there are times that you have to stand up and do some things for yourself. Others think politicians should be prohibited from stepping into the town for any political activities since they failed to do what is right.


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