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See what this man was captured doing to a lady in public, so disturbing.

Disgusting moment a man was captured fingering a lady in the broad day light, in the eye of the public.

In a new viral video spotted by KwesiFaithful on social media, a man who was having a drink with his male friends can be seen with his hand in a lady's jeans trousers, fingering her in public at an unidentified location. The lady was the only female in their midst.

At a moment, I thought the man was harassing the lady but no, he wasn't. The lady seemed to enjoy what the man was doing as she kept cool, allowing the man to touch her private parts in public.

However, one of the guys on the table noticed what was going on and removed the man's hand from the lady's trousers, yet he didn't want to stop as he continued to touch and squeeze her booty.

I don't know if it forgetfulness or something, it so disgusting and has generated lots of reactions from social media users. Some say she might be a hoe, others too are saying otherwise.

Whatever the case may be, the lady has protrude an act of self esteem by allowing a man dip his hand into her trousers in public. Just imagine if it was at night, they would have ended up bonking each other on the street.

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