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Members Of 'Tell It All' Page Put Smiles On The Face Of A Woman Who Needed Help

In recent times, the uses of Facebook has not only been chatting and sending of messages to pals and families but it has been an avenue where people in different locations use it make impact in the lives of people. It could be helping the helpless, the needy or the sick.

A popular Facebook platform known as 'Tell IT All" has been helping people in Ghana and other neighboring countries. One thing that is currently circulating on the page and other Facebook pages is they helping a woman who sells at the roadside.

The team that is led by popular Facebook influencer, Nana Tea paid a visit to this lady. Before the visit, the lady posted on the page that, she needed help. She revealed that, she needs an Umbrella and a table for her small business.

Below is her post on the platform.

Nana Tea in reaction to the lady's post, paid a visit to her so as to confirm she posted. Nana Tea later on confirmed that she is genuine so the some members of the page contributed some amount of money to help her.

But instead of the umbrella and the table, they improved it by making a metal one that is big enough to store some of her things and a bigger space to sell. Nana Tea added that, instead of the umbrella they have already made plans to roof the metal table to make more safer and presentable.

The lady was seen in several pictures smiling and showing how happy she is. It can be seen that, she is surprised that Tell It All game her more than she expected.

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