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Road Accident

'The driver was brilliant, if not we would have all died' - Passenger on Domanko bridge bus accident

Mawutor Stella, a surviving victim of a Kia GrandBird bus accident has praised the driver of the bus, Ata Kweku Manu for his professionalism which saved their lives. Stella in her account of the accident from Nkwanta Municipal Hospital narrated that, if it wasn't for the driver's experience in handling the bus of forty-five passengers onboard, they wouldn't have been alive today.

Before leaving Bimbila, the driver got a call to make a stop at Nakpayili where a group of over eight passengers were waiting for us. The bus was lightly loaded from Bimbila until we arrived at Nakpayili to fully load the bus with eighteen passengers and loads of millet and maize. The driver never took speed even when the bus was empty with few passengers, not to talk about fully loaded with 45passengers and loads of millet and sorghum at Nakpayili junction.

From Nakpayili junction onto the N2, Nakpayili to Domanko was where our tragedy took place. Right after the Junle river was when a private Hyundai Accent sedan overtook us before heading to Domanko. The driver of the Hyundai Accent kept misbehaving on the road till we reached the Domanko bridge on the Domanko to Kpassa highway.

From reckless overtaken to forcing our bus driver to give him space in front when incoming traffic catches on him, was what the Hyundai Accent driver was doing. Few miles to the Domanko bridge before arriving at Domanko township, was where the Hyundai Accent driver made another reckless overtaken. He tried to overtake a trailer but couldn't do it because of the speed the Incoming car was coming with.

The driver of the Hyundai Accent was forced to reverse his decision which meant forcing himself in front of our bus. Our bus driver would have crashed the Hyundai Accent and the long trailer in front of the Hyundai Accent car if he didn't veer off the main road, and allow the Hyundai to get a place to be after his reckless overtaken reversal. 

We veered off the main road in other to avoid a catastrophic accident and landed in the water; the Domanko bridge. It was a miracle that worked for our driver to save us yesterday. The driver was brilliant, if not we would have all died yesterday looking at how the Hyundai Accent tried forcing us to crash it.

Our driver was experienced and took the best decision at that point, we owe him our lives; we are all alive today because of his experience in going off the road. If the bus was overspeeding, the bus would have been a wreck and would have somersaulted several times which would have killed us all. The bus landed on the water with just one sound, and that was it.

We were all saved despite our minor injuries. None of us in the bus had critical injuries except the bus attendant and the bus driver, Mawutor Stella said in her narration of what happened before their bus landed in the Damonko Bridge.

The bus was on its way from Bimbila to Ho when they had an accident at Damonko bridge. All forty-five passengers on board the bus were all doing well with minor injuries whiles the bus driver and the bus attendant are both on admission at the Nkwanta Municipal Hospital emergency unit.

Mawutor if everything goes well for her, she would be discharged this week together with other victims.

Content created and supplied by: RockyJDJones (via Opera News )

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