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Ghana: Some Catch Fishes in this River are big as human beings

The Tano is a river in Ghana. It flows for four hundred kilometres from Techiman in Ghana to Ehy Lagoon, Tendo Lagoon and finally Aby Lagoon in Ivory Coast wherein it enters the Atlantic Ocean. The river forms the last few kilometres of the international land boundary among Ghana and Ivory Coast.

River Tano Pool houses sacred fish which are jealously protected by the area people who stay alongside the river close to Techiman. You are however allowed to stand by and have a look at these larger than normal fish as they perform in their natural habitat.

Indigious local beliefs of Bono keep that Taakora, the highest of the Bono gods on Earth lives at the source of the river.The citizens of "Tanoso" refuses to fish from the Tano River due to the fact they accept as true with the fishes are their souls.Beyond that, it is believed that the river god, Tano, lives withinside the river disguised as a large cat fish with a golden crown on its head.There are certainly huge cat fishes withinside the Tano River. Some of which might be as big as human being.

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