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The 24 Years African Who Was Killed In USA. See Her Photos Enjoying Herself Before Her Death.

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Terrible news hit Nigeria about a former Nigerian beauty queen and doctoral student who had been shot dead while in her vehicle in Philadelphia in the United States, facing her family home. The young lady was named the 24-year-old Najeebat Sule, who on the 12th March was the killer of an anonymous man shot at her in the 8, 800 block of Frankford Avenue, a few steps away from home. Sh

Miss Sule, however, had only recently graduated from the University of West Chester with a master's in public health and was a PhD student. In 2019, the Miss Nigeria International pageant was crowned a second runner-up. Well, we'll look at her beautiful photos in this article before her unexpected death.

See the following photo

1. Najeet has been seen in a bar with a glass of wine, as you can see on the table, to enjoy herself. In peace may her perfect soul rest.

2. She was also seen here taking photos after her swimming in a pool.

See More photos of her

Besides, her parents and two sisters survived Najeet. However, because of safety concerns, the family lives at an unrevealed location. In the early 2000s, the sales family emigrated from Nigeria to Philadelphia. May Amen rest in peace her perfect soul. Use the comment box kindly to send her family your sympathy message

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