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Divorce Affair

Trying to get away from being caught, a side chick breaks her back. (watch)

A viral video on social media shows a young woman apparently jumping from the fourth floor of a building and breaking her back.

The young lady is a mistress to a married man in the room on the storey building from which she leapt, according to the trending video's sources.

The young girl was allegedly having a s**ual affair with the married man when his wife arrived, and the lady was attempting to avoid being caught by the man's wife.

She not only fractured her back, but she also wrecked someone's car, which was parked immediately before she jumped. She was now asked to fix the automobile and pay for the hospital bill of the person who was inside the car before she was asked to pay for her own hospital charge.

The young lady in the video below could barely get back on her feet after jumping, indicating that she had injured her back.

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