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World biggest nose in the world.

This article will help us know the man with the biggest nose in the world

Mehmet Özyüre is a man from turkey he has a record of having the biggest nose in the world

Mehmet is very humble man with a small nuclear family . he is a hardworking man he owns a state in turkey . In 2015 guinness book of records reward him with huge amount of money for being the man with the biggest nose in the world .This made him very popular in his country and in the world as well.

His nose was measured with the breadth and width is about 4 to 5 cm. He was all that not happy for being world most biggest nose because his wife was not happy about the way people were mocking at him and teasing him as well. This made him sad because of his wife situation , he always want to make his family happy

the majority of my preteen and teen years, I felt overshadowed by my nose. It’s long and has a bump near the top, a rather bony one that protrudes awkwardly off to one side. When I was younger, I thought my nose stuck out from my face like a flashing sign reading, “I’m not quite pretty enough!” If I liked a guy, I tried awkwardly to turn so that he could not see my profile. I spent hours in the mirror manipulating the shape of my nose to look more

didn’t stop hating on my nose until I went to college and began the slow, uphill battle toward self-acceptance. Eventually I realized I had a warped self-image; when I looked in the mirror, I focused regretfully at the crazy nose gifted me, but when others looked at me, they saw the whole package—my brown eyes, my big smile, my wild hair. More than that, they saw my confidence, my passion, my intelligence. Basically, I realized that it was all in my head. I thought my nose was ruining the whole package that is me when in fact, it served to 

such a vague word to describe something as diverse as a nose. I prefer more descriptive terms when talking about prominent noses, such as long, classic, wide, aquiline, thin, pointed, curved, Roman, broad, bulbous, hawk, you get the point. I would rather be described as having a fleshy hawk nose than a big nose, but that’s just me. At least it sounds more interesting, which is the point. Conventionally pretty is overrated. Anyone can be pretty with enough engineering. Interesting is more than just dyeing your hair pink or getting a septum piercing. Interesting requires genes. An interesting beauty stands out from the crowd.

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Mehmet Özyüre


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